is an online volunteer management application that is designed to host events and programs that engage volunteers.

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How it works

Create Events on eventhost


Create a customized event page
Create a professional looking event page and customize it with colors, logos, and a personalized URL.

Perfect for your event
eventhost is perfect for one day or multi-day events, year-round service programs, or service initiatives of any kind.

Service programs and initiatives
Create a custom page for your program or initiative. Then, post events or projects to your page throughout the course of your program or initiative.

One day or multi-day events
Host an event of any size or complexity. You can even attach smaller events or projects to your main event.

Volunteer positions galore
Create different volunteer positions for each type of work you need to complete at your event or project. You can even create multiple shifts within each volunteer position.

Enable collaboration
Invite partner organizations or other departments in your organization to create their own sub events. Your invitation enables them to create a free account, create new sub events, and promote and manage their sub events. Their sub events are published to your event page. Collaboration has never been so easy!

Invite users with eventhost


Custom Email Invitations
Send customized email invitations to volunteers.

Leverage Social Media
Let your volunteers help spread the word through one-click integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Email Notifications
To save you time and enhance communication, we send automatic confirmation and notification emails to you and your volunteers.

Manage volunteers with eventhost


Monitor Registration
Our reports and email notifications help you monitor registration as volunteers sign up.

Track Attendance
Quickly check in your volunteers at your event from any internet enabled mobile phone or print an attendance sheet if you prefer pen and paper.

Know Who is Serving
Monitor volunteer hours for individuals in a required service program or to reward those who go beyond the call of duty. Monitor the collective accomplishment of your people to boost moral.